Great variety of complements with different models of doors both in sheet or forge and in cast iron, different models of throws, thermometers of different lengths, great variety of gloves and shovels and infinity of complements that will make the use of the wood-burning oven much easier.

Extra Glass Cast DoorExtra Glass Cast Door

Cast iron door composed of a 1 cm thick leaf plus a cast iron frame with glass.

225,00 €185,00 €
Superior Iron Cast Door with GlassSuperior Iron Cast Door with Glass

Special cast iron door of the highest quality, made by Rosa pottery workshop with all the details and finishes that make it unique in the market.

300,00 €275,00 €
Superior Iron Cast DoorSuperior Iron Cast Door

Top quality superior cast iron door with excellent finishes.

250,00 €230,00 €
Cast Iron Burner DoorCast Iron Burner Door

Rectangular-shaped door ideal for its placement in ovens with burner, it has wooden handle and an air intake regulator in the form of trapdoor.

180,00 €165,00 €
Extra Cast Iron DoorExtra Cast Iron Door

Cast iron door composed of a sheet of 1 cm thick plus cast iron subframe.

185,00 €170,00 €
Chimney PotChimney Pot

Pot to finish off the exhaust stack of the oven, with heat resistant paint to high temperatures.

78,00 €75,00 €
Elbow JointsElbow Joints

Black shiny vitrified steel elbow joint for a perfect union of tubes and accessories by dovetail.

45,00 €42,00 €
Special piece union double draught Special piece union double draught

Connecting piece for draughts of enveloping heat ovens patented by Rosa Pottery Workshop.

225,00 €200,00 €
Chimney TubeChimney Tube

Vitrified steel tube in brilliant black color, it is ideal to join to the oven’s draught in order to lengthen the exhaust stack.

45,00 €42,00 €
Double Height GrillDouble Height Grill

Grill made in different sizes and shapes to take advantage of the capacity of your oven to the maximum.

55,00 €50,00 €
Cast Iron Draught with RegulatorCast Iron Draught with Regulator

Smoke hood or extractor draught with air inlet regulator made of cast iron to prevent heat loss.

150,00 €120,00 €
Forged Draught with RegulatorForged Draught with Regulator

Smoke extractor hood with air inlet regulator to prevent heat loss.

85,00 €70,00 €

Double sheath analog thermometer measuring 200/300/400 and 500 mm with copper protector.

60,00 €54,00 €
Set of ShovelsSet of Shovels

SET OF 4 ACCESSORIES FOR OVEN HANDLING – BAKER’S PEEl; to put in the oven bread, pizza, casseroles ......... - HOOK; to take out casseroles, remove firewood ... – FIRE RAKE; to remove firewood and place embers – FIRE SHOVEL; to collect embers .... ANTI-CALORIC PAINT

100,00 €90,00 €
Baker’s PeelsBaker’s Peels

Great assortment of Baker’s Peels very useful for the clay or Wood-fired ovens of Pereruela. They are ideal to be used in pastry and when we make bread, both to put and to take out the food from our oven. The wood is very resistant and they are very light for better handling..

75,00 €70,00 €
Special GlovesSpecial Gloves

Ideal accessory for the risk-free handling of the Wood-fired and clay oven.

55,00 €50,00 €

Handmade wooden bellows of first quality, ideal for barbecues and clay ovens of Rosa Pottery Workshop in Pereruela.

40,00 €35,00 €
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