Insulating materials for the correct assembly of the clay oven.

Insulation FibreInsulation Fibre

Insulation fibre resistant to 1200ºC with a density of 96 Kg / m3 and a thickness of 13 mm.

24,81 €
Refractory ClayRefractory Clay

Bag of refractory clay "CAOLIN" ideal to isolate the oven both on the outside and before settling it on the base.

44,10 €
White CementWhite Cement

Rosa Pottery Workshop uses this material, the white cement, to place the straight bricks of refractory clay and with that install the door and the draught (what we call opening) and on the other hand we use it to place the lining of the dome and join the curved bricks of refractory clay.

22,05 €
Refractory MortarRefractory Mortar

The refractory mortar MORFEX is a refractory mortar formulated based on aluminous cement, refractory aggregates of selected grain size and special additives that give the mortar great plasticity and workability.

27,56 €

Arlite is a very light expanded clay with great resistance to fire and with an unbeatable insulating capacity.

17,01 €15,75 €
Refractory BricksRefractory Bricks

Refractory material made with refractory clay from Pereruela by Rosa Pottery workshop, with the idea of providing our customers with the best finish for our wood-fired and clay ovens or for their fireplaces, homes or barbecues.

1,38 €
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