Clay ovens made in one piece with refractory clay from Pereruela with ancient techniques such as warping and by the hand of our specialized potters with many years of experience in the sector.

Clay Oven with Direct DraughtClay Oven with Direct Draught

Wood-fired oven with direct draught made with refractory clay from Pereruela in an artisan way in Rosa Pottery Workshop.The Wood-fired oven is made in one piece in our workshop in an artisan way with 100% Pereruela refractory clay. They can be warmed in a short time and its heat lasts until the next day and it is advisable to isolate it well and take advantage of this heat for several uses. Its rectangular-shaped opening allows a better use of the heat.

310,00 €285,00 €
Clay OvenClay Oven

A UNIQUE AND FUNDAMENTAL PIECE in Rosa Pottery Workshop that is traditional of Pereruela and paricularly of Rosa Pottery Workshop. They are made of one piece in our workshop in an artisan way with 100% refractory clay from Pereruela.

300,00 €275,00 €
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