Paela Pot and High Pot with a round shape made of refractory clay from Pereruela, used to cook typical stews such as paella, calderetas, caldoso rice, garlic soup or homemade game or chicken stews. We have a piece with less height to make a delicious cod.

Paella PotPaella Pot

Round-shaped pot about 6-7 cm in height from 13 cm to 50 cm. Among its various uses, we highlight the typical Zamora rice, paellas, prawns, cod pil-pil, the authentic rice cooked in a wood-fired oven of Rosa Pottery Workshop, mushrooms... It can be used in any kind of stove.

9,00 €8,00 €
High Clay PotHigh Clay Pot

Round-shaped Clay pot, like the paella pot, but with the difference of its height. We start from the smallest deep clay pot, called ration pot (12-15 cm) with 6-7 cm of height, up to 20 cm of the deep pot of 60 cm (called “barreñón”). Between these two measurements mentioned, Rosa Pottery workshop has a very wide range of measurements, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32 ... 60 cm, all of them made in a traditional way with 100% refractory Pereruela clay. This piece is usually used for the typical and traditional garlic soups, poultry stews, game dishes, typical Pereruela “callos”, chicken ... This piece like the rest of those ones that Rosa Pottery Workshop offers, can be used with all types of stove (electric oven, wood-fired oven of Rosa Pottery Workshop, ceramic stove, induction stove (with specific adaptor), grills, barbecues, clay oven, microwave, chimneys ...)

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