Alfarería Rosa puts at the disposal of all our clients different models of barbecues realized with different materials and different ended to adapt to all the rooms.

Parrilla StandardParrilla Standard
Removable grill with Pereruela refractory clay plates and manually adjustable…
907,20 €879,98 €
Elevated GrillElevated Grill
Lifting grill by means of a chain system with Pereruela refractory clay…
1.020,60 €989,98 €
Total-Metal BarbecueTotal-Metal Barbecue
Standard or Raised grill with chimney for smoke extraction and legs.
1.250,00 €1.200,00 €
White Concrete BarbecueWhite Concrete Barbecue
Barbecue made with concrete in imitation of white stone of the highest…
1.474,20 €1.429,97 €
Volcano Concrete BarbecueVolcano Concrete Barbecue
Barbecue made entirely of concrete and designed with a black rustic stone…
2.154,60 €2.089,96 €
Mixed Concrete BarbecueMixed Concrete Barbecue
Barbecue made of concrete in gray and white color with a fine and careful…
1.881,31 €1.824,87 €
Elegant Concrete BarbecueElegant Concrete Barbecue
Concrete barbecue with standard grill inside of maximum quality in black…
1.927,80 €1.869,97 €
Barbeque GraniteBarbeque Granite
Barbecues made of national granite with different sizes and easy placement.
Gas Grill 60cmGas Grill 60cm
Grill dimensions 60(W) x 62(D) x 26(H) cm. with stainless steel tubular…
1.338,12 €1.297,98 €

Unión Europea

Por motivos personales, nuestras instalaciones de Pereruela se mantendrán cerradas durante un periodo. Nos puede seguir visitando en el Polígono de Los Llanos de Zamora (Avenida de Europa Nº 30). Disculpen las molestias.

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