Parrilla Standard


Removable grill with Pereruela refractory clay plates and manually adjustable in height.


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Parrilla Standard


Parrilla Standard - 989Parrilla Standard - 990Parrilla Standard - 991Parrilla Standard - 992
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Wood-burning oven with a wrap-around heat exchanger of different sizes, finished entirely with curved handcrafted clay bricks. This oven is made up of the clay oven made with a PATENTED system that eliminates heat joints and leaks, cast iron door and draught and top quality insulating materials to achieve excellent performance and minimum wood consumption for our customers.
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Traditional Assembled Oven Finished with Traditional BrickTraditional Assembled Oven Finished with Traditional Brick
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Set of ShovelsSet of Shovels
SET OF 4 ACCESSORIES FOR OVEN HANDLING – BAKER’S PEEl; to put in the oven bread, pizza, casseroles ......... - HOOK; to take out casseroles, remove firewood ... – FIRE RAKE; to remove firewood and place embers – FIRE SHOVEL; to collect embers .... ANTI-CALORIC PAINT
100,00 €90,00 €
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