Clay pots made with refractory clay from Pereruela in a handmade way with the warping technique.

Special Set "Kamado"Special Set "Kamado"

Assortment of clay pots with special measurements for Kamado with a diameter of 46 cm.

170,00 €150,00 €
Straight PanStraight Pan

Special straight pan to use in Kamado, wood-fired ovens or any kind of fire (lexcept induction stoves).

45,00 €40,00 €
Chesnut ToasterChesnut Toaster

Chesnut Toaster for direct fire made with refractory clay from Pereruela.

38,00 €35,00 €
Round-Shaped DishRound-Shaped Dish

The round-shaped dish of refractory clay, is a very demanded piece by both individuals and professionals who want to offer their customers quality in their meat and fish. The measurements range from 16 cm to 40 cm (2 in 2 cm).

11,00 €9,00 €
Oval-Shaped Roaster Clay PotOval-Shaped Roaster Clay Pot

Roasting clay pot par excellence, its shape makes it one of the best selling pieces throughout the past and present centuries. It stands out for its use in the Wood-fired oven of Rosa Pottery Workshop, its wide variety of measurements from 30 cm to 70 cm (all of them 5 in 5 cm), makes it a pot that serves many uses, from the typical roasted lamb or “tostón” in the refractory clay oven of Rosa Pottery Workshop, (electric oven,ceramic stove and, not to say, it is apt for all types of stoves), including hake, sea bass, sea bream.

33,00 €28,00 €
Paella PotPaella Pot

Round-shaped pot about 6-7 cm in height from 13 cm to 50 cm. Among its various uses, we highlight the typical Zamora rice, paellas, prawns, cod pil-pil, the authentic rice cooked in a wood-fired oven of Rosa Pottery Workshop, mushrooms... It can be used in any kind of stove.

9,00 €8,00 €

Pereruela refractory clay fondue used both for professional and private use. We have two models: - Wood-fired fondue that has a characteristic shape of an oven reminding the refractory clay ovens of Pereruela. It consists of two pieces that are the fundue and the dish, which will be heated with firewood or charcoal to make meats, fish, vegetables ... or to keep cooked food hot. - Gel or alcohol Fondue that is composed of three pieces that are: the fundue, the bowl for the gel or alcohol and the dish in which meat, fish, vegetables, etc. will be made. It is advisable since the gel or alcohol evaporates before, to heat the dish previously in the oven so that the base keeps it hot longer.

80,00 €70,00 €
Oval-Shaped DishOval-Shaped Dish

The oval-shaped dish of refractory clay, is a very demanded piece by both individuals and professionals who want to offer their customers quality in their meat and fish. The measurements range from 25 cm to 40 cm. All types of measurements are also made by order, also using Pereruela refractory clay.

14,00 €12,00 €

Clay pot called bowl, made with refractory clay from Pereruela in Rosa Pottery Workshop. It is a piece that stands out for its beautiful shape, with belly, ideal for stews with broth and all kinds of legumes

40,00 €35,00 €
Rectangular-Shaped Roaster Clay PotRectangular-Shaped Roaster Clay Pot

Piece made in Rosa Pottery Workshop, with refractory clay from the area of Pereruela. Its shape makes it a very sold piece to use in electric ovens, microwaves and gas ovens, without forgetting of course the famous clay / Wood-fired ovens or the new refractory ovens (ready to use) of Rosa Pottery Workshop.

40,00 €35,00 €
High Clay PotHigh Clay Pot

Round-shaped Clay pot, like the paella pot, but with the difference of its height. We start from the smallest deep clay pot, called ration pot (12-15 cm) with 6-7 cm of height, up to 20 cm of the deep pot of 60 cm (called “barreñón”). Between these two measurements mentioned, Rosa Pottery workshop has a very wide range of measurements, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32 ... 60 cm, all of them made in a traditional way with 100% refractory Pereruela clay. This piece is usually used for the typical and traditional garlic soups, poultry stews, game dishes, typical Pereruela “callos”, chicken ... This piece like the rest of those ones that Rosa Pottery Workshop offers, can be used with all types of stove (electric oven, wood-fired oven of Rosa Pottery Workshop, ceramic stove, induction stove (with specific adaptor), grills, barbecues, clay oven, microwave, chimneys ...)

12,00 €10,00 €
Traditional PanTraditional Pan

Traditional piece with lid, of large height and therefore of good use, for cooking in all types of fires, such as “cocidos”, lentils, beans or any type of stew.

50,00 €40,00 €

PIECE MANUFACTURED IN ROSA POTTERY WORKSHOP, with Pereruela refractory clay. Its shape makes it an exclusive piece to cook roasted chicken in electric / gas ovens and especially in the clay and wood-fired ovens of Rose Pottery Workshop.

45,00 €40,00 €
Clay Pot with LidClay Pot with Lid

Round-shaped piece of refractory clay from Pereruela with two handles and lid that has a height of about 8 cm, the smallest, up to 16 cm the largest. Their diameters range from individual use 15 cm to 50 cm for professional use.

40,00 €35,00 €
Oval-Shaped Roaster Clay Pot Suckling PigOval-Shaped Roaster Clay Pot Suckling Pig

Piece made with Pereruela clay. The special strips stand out to prevent the meat from being in contact with the fat and water, and therefore remains golden and very crunchy.

40,00 €36,00 €
Eathenware PitcherEathenware Pitcher

Earthenware pitcher to keep water fresh naturally due to the porosity of the product.

27,00 €25,00 €
Rectangular-Shaped Roaster Clay Pot Suckling PigRectangular-Shaped Roaster Clay Pot Suckling Pig

Piece made in Rosa Pottery Workshop with refractory clay from the area of Pereruela. Its manufacturing is 100% refractory clay from Pereruela, and the enamel we use in Rosa Pottery Workshop is lead-free complying with all the regulations required by the Health Department. Similar to the normal rectangular-shaped one but it stands out for the strips that avoid the contact of food with water.

58,00 €52,00 €
Wine SetWine Set

Typical and original set of wine of Rosa Pottery Workshop. It consists of 6 glasses of wine with its jug and it is ideal as a gift these days.

45,00 €42,00 €
Double and Triple RustepolloDouble and Triple Rustepollo

Double or triple special Rustepollo to roast more than one chicken. Conceived by Rosa Pottery Workshop of Pereruela.

86,00 €80,00 €
Coffee SetCoffee Set

Original coffee set of Rosa Pottery Workshop, made in clay. As it is made with clay, it will keep the coffee hot as freshly made.

60,00 €55,00 €
Beer SetBeer Set

Original beer set of Rosa Pottery Workshop, composed of clay jug and glasses.

53,00 €48,00 €
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