Insulation Fibre


Insulation fibre resistant to 1200ºC with a density of 96 Kg / m3 and a thickness of 13 mm.


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24,81 €
Insulation Fibre




The insulation fibre is a material very resistant to high temperatures and works as an excellent thermal insulator in our wood-fired ovens.

This material is resistant to 1200ºC with a density of 128 Kg / m3 and a thickness of 13 mm or 25mm.

The dimension in width is 61cm.

In Rosa Pottery Workshop we use it for the insulation of our refractory clay ovens and together with the clay, mortar and arlite they make the oven consume little firewood, keep the heat and heat up quickly.


If you want to buy this material, please contact us as you will need more or less material according to the characteristics and size of your oven.

The indicated price is per lineal metre of product, that is to say, the width of the product is 61cm x the metres that the client wants to purchase.

The price includes VAT.


If you have any questions we are available at:

Email: info@alfareriarosa.com

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