Extra Cast Iron Door


Cast iron door composed of a sheet of 1 cm thick plus cast iron subframe.


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Extra Cast Iron Door




Cast iron door composed of a sheet of 1 cm thick plus cast iron subframe.

These doors are exclusively designed by Rosa Pottery Workshop for its Wood-fired and refractory clay ovens.

Currently, they are also incorporated in ovens with a burner.

It has a novel anti-smoke system that makes that inside both the clay oven and the Wood-fired oven do not  lack oxygen and do not blow back the smoke.

It has four pins (This is optional since the new models that we have incorporated do not include pins for a better use by the client, since dependeing on where the cement joint is placed this is the place to be put, so without them installation is easier and if they do not match correctly they do not have to cut them)

These cast iron doors of Rosa Pottery Workshop are easily placed on the refractory clay brick of Pereruela that is also provided by Rosa Pottery Workshop. This brick can be straight or curved.


  • 50 cm WIDE X 38 cm HIGH


  • Extra cast iron door with cast iron subframe
  • Wooden handle.
  • Hollow for thermometer 
  • Air intake regulator
  • Rotating visor 


If you have any questions we are available at:

Email: info@alfareriarosa.com

Extra Cast Iron Door - 907Extra Cast Iron Door - 908Extra Cast Iron Door - 909Extra Cast Iron Door - 911
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