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Double sheath analog thermometer measuring 200/300/400 and 500 mm with copper protector.


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Double sheath analog thermometer  measuring 200/300/400 and 500 mm with copper protector

Its sphere is 6.5 cm and the temperature goes form 0 to 500ºC

The thermometer is ideal to guide us when it comes to making the most of our Wood-fired or refractory clay oven from Pereruela.

Es muy sencillo de colocar y puede colocarlo en distintos sitios (puerta, embocadura, en un lateral...) It is very easy to place and you can place it in different places (door, opening, on the side ...)

Rosa Pottery Workshop recommends to place it on the door and the most used one is the one wiht  a sheath measuring 200 mm.

If you have any doubt in its placement, we will guide and advise you on where to place your thermometer when it comes to assemble your Wood-fired oven. You can also see an explanation on how to place the thermometer in our blog


If you have any questions we are available at:

Tel. 980 032 337 - 695 388 368 - 692 242 285

Email: info@alfareriarosa.com

Thermometer - 200Thermometer - 201Thermometer - 922Thermometer - 923
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