Special Gloves

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Ideal accessory for the risk-free handling of the Wood-fired and clay oven.


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Special Gloves




Ideal accessory for the risk-free handling of the Wood-fired and clay oven

Rosa Pottery Workshop offers different models of gloves, resistant from 350ºC to 450ºC.

This accessory is a must the shopping cart of those who want to handle the pots without effort and with maximum protection

We have 3 kinds of gloves:

  • Glove Nº1 (Colour Red)  Fire resistant. Red cow split leather, flannel lining, Thickness: 1.1-1.3 mm and Length: 34 cm.
  • Glove Nº2 (Colour Yellow). Resistant to both cutting and fire. Excellent fabrics and cotton lining. Resistance up to 350ºC
  • Glove Nº3 (Colour grey). It has the following characteristics: Croupon gray cow split leather mitt. Thermal insulation lining in palm that provides protection at high temperatures, excellent mechanical properties and Breathable. Length: 45 cm


If you have any questions we are available at:

Email: info@alfareriarosa.com

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