Superior Iron Cast Door

Superior Iron Cast Door

Ref. PUERT_FSTop quality superior cast iron door with excellent finishes.


199,50 €

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199,50 €




Special cast iron door of the highest quality, made by Rosa pottery workshop with all the details and finishes that make it unique in the market.

It has double anti-smoke system, hollow for thermometer and wooden handle.

This door is designed for any current oven measurement from 65 cm to 160 cm

It contains a sheet of 1 cm thick and it has a reinforcement of 2 cm to make it more resistant

Rosa Pottery Workshop with this door wants to offer our customers the best quality at a reasonable price


Its dimensions are 53 cm wide by 43.5 cm high (You can have all the measurements of the door in a downloadable file under the different photographs).



If you have any questions we are available at:

Email: info@alfareriarosa.com


Superior Iron Cast Door - 912Superior Iron Cast Door - 917Superior Iron Cast Door - 916Superior Iron Cast Door - 914
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Alfarería Rosa S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which an Internationalization Plan has been launched in order to improve its competitive position abroad during the year 2017. For this it has been supported by the XPANDE Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Zamora.

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