Cast Iron Draught with Regulator

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Smoke hood or extractor draught with air inlet regulator made of cast iron to prevent heat loss.


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Cast Iron Draught with Regulator




Smoke hood or extractor draught with air inlet regulator made of cast iron to prevent heat loss

It is extremely fire resistant due to the thickness of its walls and its excellent finishes. The exhaust stackt of the tube is 13 cm.

This tube is made with iron much thicker than in the normal draught of forged iron in order to have a greater resistance to fire.

The exhaust stack regulator is made of high-thickness cast iron to withstand the high temperatures without modifying its aesthetics and its resistance and the most important thing to avoid heat loss when the oven is already hot.

Excellent product quality.


  • 43 cm LENGTH X 16 cm WIDTH X 30 cm HIGH WITH REDUCTION TO 130 mm in the EXHAUST STACK



If you have any questions we are available at:

Email: info@alfareriarosa.com

Cast Iron Draught with Regulator - 307Cast Iron Draught with Regulator - 308Cast Iron Draught with Regulator - 309Cast Iron Draught with Regulator - 310
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